Her Mother-In-Law Accused Her of Risking Her Life By Boiling Cinnamon In A Fall-Scented Simmer Pot

The other day, after her husband left for work, she put a fall-scented simmer pot on the stove while she did some housework. Then, she suddenly heard a knock at the door. It was her mother-in-law who decided to pop by without any notice.

She continued talking to her mother-in-law at the door, trying to avoid letting her in to smell all the spices. When her mother-in-law questioned why she wasn’t allowed in, she told her it was because she didn’t know she was coming over and had already started boiling cinnamon in the house.

“Her face dropped, and she looked furious,” she recalled.

“She told me that I shouldn’t be doing that and shouldn’t even really own cinnamon-scented candles because I know it can make her sick. I told her that I always make sure those things are put away or have not been used when she’s here, but I wasn’t aware of her coming. She just rolled her eyes and began to walk away.”

Before her mother-in-law left her home, she stopped and told her she was being inconsiderate, rude, and willing to risk her life by using cinnamon in her home. 

She never intended to make her home unwelcoming for her mother-in-law. She simply had no idea she’d be coming by unannounced.

Should she apologize to her mother-in-law, or did she not do anything wrong?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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