Her Niece Asked Her To Be The Subject of Her School Project About A Woman Who Inspires Her, But Then Her Sister Flipped Out On Her Since She Wanted To Be The Star of The Show

Maggie called her up, furious, and said she should not have allowed Lucy to make her the star of the show.

“She said the project was meant to be about mothers, and while the school can’t really say that because some kids are raised by other relatives, that’s what is meant,” she continued.

“She said I should have known how hurtful this would be to her since she has always tried so hard to be a mother to Lucy, and she feels like she’s been looked over. She said it was my fault for letting Lucy use me for the project rather than steering her to ask Maggie.”

“She also accused me of adding extra things to make myself seem more interesting and better than her so that she wouldn’t be able to convince Lucy to change it.”

She’s left wondering if she was wrong to have not convinced Lucy to use Maggie as the focus of her project.

What do you think?

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