Her Niece Felt Pushed Aside By Her Sister, So She Admitted That Her Sister Never Really Wanted To Have Kids In The First Place

This pushed her niece to get even more upset, and eventually, Ella asked why Anna did not seem to want her as a daughter.

“This caught me by surprise, and I just answered without thinking,” she revealed.

“I said that Anna didn’t actually want children.”

More specifically, she told Ella that her sister never really wanted to have kids ever since they were young. Then, she pointed out how while her sister loved Ella, her sister might not ever be the best emotional support system.

Now, this did not even surprise Ella that much. All her niece said was, “Okay,” as if her statement had just confirmed what her niece thought all along.

But, later, her sister Anna called and was furious at her for spilling the beans. Anna accused her of trying to screw up the mother-daughter relationship. Her sister also claimed to be a good mom and didn’t think that she had a right to say anything about the situation.

Regardless, it’s true, and she realizes that what she told Ella probably hurt her niece’s feelings.

“But Ella knows I didn’t say it unkindly and that I was just telling the truth,” she vented. “The only person really upset with me is my sister.”

So now, she’s been left wondering whether being upfront with her niece about her sister was really the wrong thing to do.

Do you think she did the right thing by telling the truth? Or can the truth sometimes do more harm than good? If your niece had already felt pushed to the side by their parent, would you have done the same thing or not?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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