Her Sister-In-Law Said The Baby Clothes She Gave Her Were Tacky, Cheap, And Would Make Her Daughter Look Like An Orphan

Budimir Jevtic - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you ever gotten a gift for someone expecting a baby, and they made you feel like it wasn’t good enough?

One woman recently gave her pregnant sister-in-law a bunch of handed-down baby clothes, and her sister-in-law told her they were cheap and tacky.

She’s 27-years-old and has a 29-year-old husband. Her sister-in-law, Britney, is 26 and expecting a baby girl in December.

Britney made a Facebook post asking friends and family to send over some gift cards and money for baby clothes, so she offered her some of the baby clothes she had from when her two-year-old son was a baby.

“Me and my husband have one son who was a summer baby,” she explained.

“When he was born, my extended family bought so many sweaters and other warm clothes in newborn and little baby sizes for him that he never got to wear, and [they’ve] been sitting in storage. They are mostly gender neutral, in colors like gray, yellow, and beige.”

The other day, she brought the clothes over to Britney’s house to go through them with her. Everything started out fine, as they talked about babies and shared a few laughs. Then, she noticed that whenever Britney picked up a piece of clothing, she’d check the label and Google the brand.

“I didn’t think much of it until she started making comments about the clothes being cheap,” she recalled.

“She isn’t necessarily wrong. My family [isn’t] the type who are into expensive brands. I believe most of the clothes were from H&M and Walmart.”

Budimir Jevtic – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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