Her Sister-In-Law Started Crying When She Didn’t Invite Her Out With Her Friends, But The One Time She Did, Her Sister-In-Law Ordered The Most Expensive Things On The Menu And Made Her Pay

ID 94306469 - © Ekaterina Demidova - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Who doesn’t love girls’ night? This 27-year-old woman started a monthly girls’ night with a group of six of her close friends.

They do different activities each time, which include going to see a movie in theaters, clubbing, or relaxing with drinks and movies at her house.

This month, they had girls’ night at her house. All week leading up to their get-together, she coordinated with her friends’ schedules.

“Three of my friends work with my sister-in-law, Brittany, 24, and have said that they don’t like her because she acts like she doesn’t want to work, is rude, and has an attitude all the time. I know this is true because she acts the same way to me,” she said.

Her brother, Josh, 29, has three children with Brittany, and all of their children are under 5. She has been babysitting their children when needed, but she feels disrespected.

“Brittany and Josh don’t pay me to watch their kids and have never offered any kind of compensation,” she shared.

“The only reason I started to help watch the kids was because my mama passed away unexpectedly, and she was the one originally watching them. Brittany has been wearing my kindness out.”

“She has become increasingly inconsiderate and unappreciative of my time and feels entitled to have me watch her kids whenever she expects it. She feels that because I don’t have any kids, I should have no problem watching them when she needs a break.”

On the day of the girls’ night, Brittany somehow learned about it from the three friends from the group who work with her.

ID 94306469 – © Ekaterina Demidova – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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