Her Sister Started Dating Her Ex-Boyfriend And Has Been Bringing Him To Family Events - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

I always feel so bad for people who break up with someone who ends up dating one of their relatives or best friends.

One woman recently had an outburst with her sister, who began dating her ex-boyfriend and bringing him to family events.

She’s 26 and dated her boyfriend, James, throughout their college years. They had plans to get engaged after college graduation, but two months before the ceremony, she caught him planning to cheat on her. 

James had been messaging another girl and planning a weekend getaway when he told her he’d be visiting home for the weekend. She quickly ended things, sending him the evidence she had of him planning to cheat before blocking him on all platforms.

James sent her tons of messages for a month in hopes they’d get back together, but she would immediately delete all of them. Finally, he went silent, and she thought things were finally over with him.

Then, a year later, her 24-year-old sister told her family she wanted to bring her new boyfriend over to meet everybody.

“We didn’t realize she had a boyfriend, but my parents had a barbecue and told her to bring him,” she recalled.

“It was James. My parents were stunned but tried to pull it together. I just left. My sister called and tried to explain later that they had met at a party on campus, and it was no big deal since I broke up with him. I told her I thought she could do better, but she could make her own mistakes.”

She told her family she refused to spend time with her sister and James, and her sister grew very angry as her parents started taking her side. – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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