Her Stepson Wants To Come Live With Her So He Can Experience A True Family Dynamic, But She Doesn’t Want This Boy To Move In, Since She’s Worried About His Behavior

Petro - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Having a stepson or stepdaughter must be a very intimidating experience at first, especially if they end up living with you.

One woman is unsure of what to do after her fiancé’s son asked to live with them after they get married.

She is the mom of two boys; one is 10-years-old, and the other is five. In a few weeks, she’ll marry her fiancé, who has a 12-year-old son from a previous relationship.

Her future stepson has been living with his mom for the last few years, but once he found out his dad was getting married, he asked if he could move in with them and her two sons.

“My future husband’s son asked his dad if he could come live with us after we get married because he wants to experience a genuine family dynamic with parents and siblings, given that his biological parents never married anyone else,” she said.

“My husband is on board with this idea, believing it would contribute positively to the boy’s personal growth.”

Unfortunately, she doesn’t feel the same way, as she is concerned about how her stepson acts around her two boys. For instance, he struggles to get along with her five-year-old. He doesn’t include him in any activities and never wants to help him with anything.

Her stepson also has some issues with her older son and can get extremely competitive with him. He constantly wants to beat him at every activity and taunts her son whenever he wins.

“The third and most significant concern is his academic and behavioral performance,” she explained.

Petro – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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