Here Are Some of The Most Popular Dog And Cat Names That People Pick For Their Pets

ID 221601248 - © Natalia Bachkova - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual cat or dog

Are you a pet owner or long to be someday?

Owning a pet, like a cat or a dog, is one of the greatest joys in life. When you first adopt a pet, especially if you rescue it, that pet might already have a name assigned to it. But once you adopt them, everything is up to you, and you can choose a name that best suits your buddy. 

TrustedHousesitters, a pet-sitting platform, recently conducted a massive survey nationwide to find out the most popular dog and cat names in every state in 2023.

So, if you need inspiration for your future pet’s name or want to see what names are most common so you can choose something unique, this is the right kind of data for you.

Throughout the nation, the most popular female name for dogs and cats is Luna! How pretty is that? 

Luna is a gorgeous name that, if you didn’t already know, translates to ‘moon’ in Latin. In Roman mythology, Luna was the goddess of the moon. If you often find yourself inspired by the moon, Luna is a great name for your little lady pet. 

The most popular boy name for dogs and cats was a classic, Charlie! 

You can do so many things with the name Charlie, like reference Charlie Brown or occasionally use the more distinguished full name of Charles when referring to your pet. The states that loved using the name Charlie include Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Wyoming.

Many of America’s most popular cat and dog names also tend to reference their region. For instance, in Louisiana, there are a lot of pets named Voodoo! In Colorado, you can find a lot of animals named Bear, Moose, and Rocky.

ID 221601248 – © Natalia Bachkova – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual cat or dog

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