He’s A Teacher Sharing A Hilarious Incident In Which A Student Was A Little Confused About The Difference Between Countries And States

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Kids can be quite the comedians, and what makes them all the more comical is that they often don’t even realize they’re being funny.

TikToker Davey (@daveybad) is a teacher, and he’s sharing a hilarious incident in which a student was a little confused about the difference between countries and states.

One of his students usually arrives at school early, so they will chat together before the school day begins. And during this particular conversation, they explored the subject of geography.

The video starts off with Davey stating that his grandfather wasn’t from America. The student claimed that their grandfather also wasn’t from America.

Then, Davey asked where the student’s grandfather was from, to which they replied, “Chicago.” Davey let out an amused chuckle and explained that Chicago was still in the United States, so their grandfather was actually born in the U.S.; he was just from a different state.

The student proceeded to list several places they thought were located outside of the U.S. They inquired about Florida and Ohio, with Davey clarifying that those were part of the U.S.

Finally, the student asked about a place called Hamburger. Davey told them that wasn’t a real place, but the kid insisted that they had heard about it from the cartoon Teen Titans Go!

The teacher shook his head, struggling to hold in his laughter. Toward the end of the video, the student seemed to be getting the hang of geography, citing Mexico to be outside of the country.

Davey expressed excitement about the student coming to a correct answer, but then the student chimed in with Nebraska, circling back to the U.S.

annanahabed – illustrative purposes only

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