He’s Furious That His Wife Bought $7 Evian Water Bottles Even Though She Has A $50 Stanley Cup, And They’re Struggling To Stay Afloat Financially Right Now

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Just yesterday, this man’s wife headed out for her biweekly supermarket trip. Apparently, she simply enjoys going to the store alone.

So, before she left, he decided to make his wife a “jug” of ice water. More specifically, he filled up her $50 Stanley cup with some ice water since it was hot out, and he knew she would be thirsty.

“Even though it was bought months ago, it was out of our budget, but she begged for it and swore she would use it all the time,” he recalled.

Anyway, about 45 minutes later, his wife returned with the groceries. She was also holding two massive bottles of Evian water.

Now, that shocked him because they are extremely tight on money right now. They don’t currently qualify for food stamps because he makes “too much money,” but they are still really struggling.

In fact, his wife only had about $35 to get what they really needed from the store, yet she decided to include some Evian water bottles– which he knew were expensive.

So, he asked why she bought water after he offered to make her a “jug” at home. However, his wife claimed that the water bottles were on sale– two bottles for $7– and she just wanted to buy some.

He does not think that was a “sale” at all, though, and he was immediately furious. After all, they have no money to spend on “wants” when they barely have enough cash to buy their necessities.

For instance, he felt like that $7 could have gone toward adding some protein to their meals.

ID 31188991 – © Racorn – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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