He’s Furious That His Wife Bought $7 Evian Water Bottles Even Though She Has A $50 Stanley Cup, And They’re Struggling To Stay Afloat Financially Right Now

“I already skip as many meals as I can get away with, so there is enough for her and the kids,” he explained.

“We have been surviving on beans, rice, spam, eggs, and frozen veggies. I would [love] some chicken right now.”

Alternatively, the $7 could have been spent on a few small toys for their children’s birthdays next week.

Both of their kids’ birthdays are coming up, and he and his wife were forced to tell them that they could not afford to celebrate this year since they had to replace their AC system.

Not to mention, his work boots are falling apart right now, and he’s forced to walk to work every day– carpooling home at night– in order to save on gas.

Finally, they don’t even have valid car insurance right now because he was forced to choose between paying for that or keeping the electricity on in their home.

He hates that he feels this way, that he’s so bent out of shape over $7.

“I’m embarrassed. I’m tired. I’m hungry. I don’t see how anything is going to get better, but my wife needed her Evian,” he vented.

So, he told his wife that she needs to take the Stanley cup with her every single time she leaves the house.

Or else, she would have to sell the “stupid cup.”

Immediately after he said that, though, he felt sick to his stomach. He realizes how petty and controlling that must have sounded.

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