He’s Not Paying For His Son’s College Tuition Because, At 18, His Son Received A College Fund And Decided To Blow It On Two Years-Worth Of Traveling

Maridav - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When this man and his wife’s son turned 18-years-old, they allowed his son to access the college fund they had built up. Then, he told his son to do whatever he wanted with the money.

Well, his son wound up using the money to travel and “find himself” over the past two years. And now that his son is 20-years-old, he wants to go back to school.

That’s why his son recently asked him and his wife to pay for the college tuition. But once he asked what happened to the entire college fund, he learned his son had blown it on going around the world.

So, he told his son no and claimed that if his son wanted to go to college, then he “better get a job.”

To be clear, he and his wife did tell his son that the money was free to be used for anything– whether that was college or something else.

“It was my son’s money, after all; we set it aside for him. And we did explain the intent, but he is an adult, and he was free to use it as he pleases,” he said.

In his eyes, his son was an adult after turning 18, and he believes his son was old enough to understand the consequences of his actions.

That’s why, even though they made it clear that the fund was intended to be used for college, he didn’t want to “police” his son.

Apparently, his own dad did the exact same thing for him, and he didn’t use the money to go to school, either. Still, he made a strategic decision and decided to use his own college fund as down payments on two different houses.

Maridav – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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