He’s Not Putting His Girlfriend’s Name On The Deed To His New $560,000 House, And She’s Willing To End Their Relationship Over It

Michael - illustrative purposes only

This man recently purchased a home in Key West, Florida, where he has lived for nearly 15 years.

The home he bought cost $560,000, and he decided to use $130,000 in cash as a down payment. This ultimately made his mortgage payment about $2,800 per month.

However, his girlfriend– who currently lives with him– did not contribute any money toward the purchase.

“But she pays ‘rent’ to help with all the bills and mortgage payments,” he said.

Still, his girlfriend really wanted her name on the deed. She believed that if he put her name on the property, then it would prove he was committed to their relationship.

However, he quickly shot down that request and tried to tell his girlfriend about the potential downsides that decision could have– as well as how much financial responsibility that would be.

“And also, that my commitment is and will always be rock solid as I am a man of unwavering integrity,” he added.

So, he told his girlfriend that by paying ‘rent’ toward the bills and mortgage, she could essentially “buy” her name onto the deed in due time after they eventually got married.

He also wanted to note that he and his girlfriend currently both have good jobs and earn solid salaries, meaning there’s no reason for his girlfriend not to contribute to the expenses right now.

Michael – illustrative purposes only

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