He’s Taking His Daughter On Vacation To Paris, But Now His Stepdaughter Wants To Go Too, And His Daughter Just Wants It To Be A Special Trip For The Two of Them

Ekaterina Belova - - illustrative purposes only

Finding a way to balance your relationships with your biological children and stepchildren must be difficult, especially if your kids are approaching their teenage years.

One man recently made plans to take his daughter to Paris but is unsure of what to do now that his stepdaughter wants to go as well.

He’s 42 and has three children from his previous marriage. He has two sons and a 15-year-old daughter named Laila.

He’s been married to his new wife for four years, but they’ve known each other for 10. She also has three children, a 21-year-old daughter and two teenage daughters.

Two of his stepdaughters have close relationships with their dad and see him often. However, his 14-year-old stepdaughter Makayla doesn’t see her dad at all, as he’s out of the picture. He’s known Makayla since she was three and has tried his best to be like a father figure for her. 

While he had an easy time planning outings with his sons, he’s always struggled to carve out special time with Laila.

“I also do other things with all of the kids together, but never really a father-daughter day with just Laila,” he explained.

“I do have a weak heart for Laila [and] I’ve never really told her no. So when she asked if we could have a father-daughter trip to Paris, I, of course, said yes. I told my wife, and she was fine with it.”

Then, Laila must have told Makayla about Paris because Makayla eventually asked if she could go. Unfortunately, Laila became possessive and told Makayla there was no way she could go with them to Paris, as it was a special father-daughter trip. She also told Makayla that if she wanted to go to Paris, she should ask her own dad, which really hurt her feelings.

Ekaterina Belova – – illustrative purposes only

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