She’s Discussing How Women Tend To Be Shamed For Being High Maintenance, But In Reality, It’s Actually A Good Thing

Jacob Lund - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Society pushes the narrative that low-maintenance women are better than high-maintenance women. When the word “high-maintenance” is mentioned, it’s typically used as an insult directed toward women who are too demanding and require a lot of upkeep.

It’s almost as if society is saying that women shouldn’t be asking for so much and that men don’t really want to put effort into relationships. So, if that’s the case, it seems that being a chill, low-maintenance girl would be easier on everyone.

However, when you try to project a laid-back image to guys that affects every move you make, such as what you order at a restaurant or how long you should wait before responding to a text, you’re putting men’s needs before your own.

And that doesn’t make things easier on you. You deserve to be with someone who will fight for you and doesn’t consider fulfilling your needs as a chore or obligation.

TikToker Tammy Smith (@tammy_gun) is discussing how women tend to be shamed for being high maintenance, but in reality, being high maintenance is actually a good thing.

Tammy began her video by proudly declaring that she is a high maintenance girl. She does not think of herself as “cool” or “chill.” She also refuses to feign interest in something that a man likes in order to be desired by him.

For instance, if she’s not a fan of a guy’s friends, she won’t pretend to like them or tolerate them for the sake of the guy’s feelings.

“I’m not low-maintenance, and I don’t understand why any girls act like they’re low-maintenance. It’s honestly sad to me. Men won’t love you any more for it,” said Tammy.

“Do you think Margot Robbie or Beyonce or any other bombshell babe is acting like they’re freaking low maintenance? No. And they have no problem getting men to like them, love them, want them,” she concluded.

Jacob Lund – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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