His Children Are Furious With Him For Considering Giving His Deceased Son’s $3 Million Dollar Estate To His Fiancée, And For Allowing Her To Continue Living In His $1 Million Dollar Apartment

Last Saturday, his children came over to his house for dinner. During the visit, his second oldest son asked him when he was going to tell Sarah that she needed to move out of James’ apartment.

“Move out? Yes, the apartment is mine now, and it’s worth around $1 million. I told my children that they must have misunderstood this whole thing,” he explained.

Even though he knows that legally he inherited James’ estate, in his mind, James’ estate belongs to Sarah. Also, even though James and Sarah weren’t yet considered married by law, she was essentially James’ wife, in his opinion, especially considering the fact that they’d been together for 15 years.

When he told his children this, they were all furious with him. None of them have a lot of money, and they all have children of their own to support. He knows that since the estate is legally his, this would mean that after he passes away, the estate would then be passed down to his children. However, this hasn’t changed his perspective on allowing Sarah to continue living in James’ apartment.

James was financially successful while he was in a relationship with Sarah, and James himself had even said that he didn’t think he’d be where he was in life if it wasn’t for her.

He truly believes that James’ and Sarah’s love was, in his words, “more beautiful than any married couple I’ve ever met.”

Now, he is considering giving James’ estate to Sarah. He knows that James could have never predicted his accident, and like so many people, James probably thought he had more time. So, he wants to make sure he’s able to have it in writing that Sarah can keep living in James’ estate before his own health declines one day.

Do you think he’s doing the right thing in giving Sarah James’ estate?

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