His Girlfriend Has Hooked Up With A Ton of Her Guy Friends, And It’s Making Him Think He Should End Their Relationship Over This

Halfpoint - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 29-year-old guy has a girlfriend the same age as him, and they have been dating for 5 months. Now, his girlfriend has a close group of friends that include about 15 or 20 people.

From that friend group, his girlfriend has hooked up with 5 of the guys within the last 2 years. His girlfriend didn’t just hook up with them once; it was ongoing.

This really, really bothers him, as his girlfriend is always around these guys that she hooked up with.

His girlfriend plays on a weekly volleyball team with them, his girlfriend is in a group text with them, and they always go to parties or events together.

“Likewise, I am constantly around them when attending these functions,” he explained. “For example, her friend group is renting two boats next month on the lake and 4 of the ~15 people on the boats will be friends she’s slept with.”

“I am also going. I am dreading going on this boat but these people are very ingrained in her friend group so I can’t just NOT be around them.”

He has tried to discuss his concerns with his girlfriend, and she promises that she no longer has romantic feelings for any of her guy friends.

He wants to believe her, but her words don’t help the fact that he constantly thinks about how she hooked up with her friends when he sees them in person, and he also thinks about it when he’s not around these guys.

His anxiety about this is through the roof. It’s not that his girlfriend had a romantic past that didn’t include him, as that’s not what’s eating at him; it’s the fact that these guys are still a part of their lives.

Halfpoint – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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