His Girlfriend Keeps Accusing Him Of Not Doing Enough Chores Around The House But Refuses To Give Any Of Her Responsibilities To Him

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This guy currently lives with his girlfriend and always thought they split up the household chores pretty evenly.

Yet, just yesterday, his girlfriend approached him and claimed to think that he needed to take on more responsibility around the house.

He wasn’t opposed to hearing her out, either, and they both went down the list– stating what chores they were currently doing.

Apparently, he completes about 90% of the cooking, does the laundry 60% of the time, and completes all of the vacuumings. He also mops the bathroom and kitchen floors and cleans the office.

His girlfriend, on the other hand, takes care of the dusting, cleaning the bathroom, and doing their laundry about 40% of the time. She also cleans their bedroom and the living room.

“And we alternate days in which we do the dishes and wipe down surfaces after cooking,” he added.

So, while his girlfriend admitted to feeling like she did more than him, he pointed out how their chore split felt pretty equal to him.

Still, he was willing to take on more to make her happy. First, he offered to clean the living room if his girlfriend wanted, but she said no since the living room wasn’t a ton of work anyway.

Afterward, he suggested that he take over the dusting. But again, his girlfriend turned him down because, apparently, she actually enjoys dusting.

BGStock72 – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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