His Girlfriend Keeps Making Plans Then Claiming She Can’t Afford To Pay, So He Finally Put His Foot Down And Refused To Pay For Everything In Their Relationship

Dragana Gordic - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man currently lives with his girlfriend, and he’s noticed one frustrating tendency in their relationship.

Apparently, his girlfriend will regularly suggest that they go out on dates or take trips. Then, even if he agrees and they make a plan, she will later complain about being tight on cash and claim that she can no longer go.

So, he gets left covering the tab for both of them since his girlfriend expects him to offer to pay.

“A couple of times doesn’t bother me, but it’s starting to become more frequent,” he said.

For instance, he will be getting a raise at work next month, which is why he decided to treat himself for the month. Rather than saving money, he wanted to take his girlfriend out for a nice meal.

Plus, he wanted to go on a double date with two of their other friends in a nearby city. So, he paid for the travel and hotel costs and also told his girlfriend that he would pay for their meal.

This meant that she would only have to pay for their drinks, and at the time, his girlfriend claimed that was fine.

But now, out of nowhere, his girlfriend told him that he would have to pay for the entire evening because she plans to see friends next month and has other bills to pay.

He wound up telling his girlfriend no, although that didn’t really work. Instead, she seemingly tried to guilt trip him by saying that they would just have to cancel the entire night then.

Dragana Gordic – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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