His Wife Constantly Forgets To Get Errands Done While He’s Working, So He Started Asking Her To Send Check-In Texts, And She Thinks He’s Treating Her Like A Child

Drobot Dean - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man currently works in a large city, and his commute from home is about one and a half hours each way. At the same time, his wife loves their hometown and is a stay-at-home mom to their 6-year-old son.

But, sometimes, his wife and son will join him on his trips to the city. They will either spend the day seeing the city or just running some errands.

“Sometimes, my wife leaves our son with her folks and comes in alone with me so she can spend a day alone or with friends,” he added.

However, with his current schedule, he works four 10-hour days each week. That way, he completes his 40 hours while still having three days off.

So, on the days he is working, he doesn’t have any time to run his own errands. That’s why whenever his wife goes into the city, he asks her to handle some of his errands for him.

There is one major problem with this, though. Apparently, his wife tends to forget to get the errands done.

Oftentimes, she will say that something just slipped her mind or that she became too busy doing something else. Then, this forces him to drive into town to take care of his own errands when he gets home.

Now, the closest town is only about 30 minutes away, which he realizes isn’t a huge deal.

“But there is also a limited selection for the stuff I need or the places that provide the services I require,” he explained.

Drobot Dean – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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