His Wife Stopped Wearing Her Wedding Ring And Instead Replaced It With A Really Flashy Ring That Her Best Friend Bought Her For Her Birthday

Bordin - - illustrative purposes only

This 28-year-old guy and his wife, who is the same age as him, have been with one another for the last 13 years.

When he got married to his wife, he got her a ring that he describes as “moderately flashy but nothing amazing.”

Now, his wife recently celebrated her birthday, and her best friend from childhood bought her a ring that is incredibly flashy.

He thought it was pretty cool, but since his wife stopped wearing the wedding ring he bought for her and instead replaced it with her best friend’s ring, it has really started bothering him.

His wife doesn’t wear this gifted ring on her ring finger, and instead, she puts it on different fingers to wear when she does. He finally confronted his wife to ask why she’s not wearing her wedding ring, and her answer was a bit odd.

“I asked why she does that, and she claims she doesn’t want to lose it or she forgets to put it back on after taking it off to do housework or work from home,” he explained.

“This weekend, we were invited to an anniversary party. We were all ready and noticed she was wearing her friend’s ring and not her wedding ring, so I asked if she was going to put it on.”

“She says no, that she was okay without it, and hurried out the door. I ask her why she wasn’t going to wear it. She claimed it didn’t match with her outfit. It didn’t sit right with me, so I asked her if she liked her friend’s ring better than the ring I bought her.”

His wife said that was not the reason, and she asked him to stop talking about it. He refused to drop it, and demanded to know why she keeps wearing her best friend’s ring instead of her wedding ring.

Bordin – – illustrative purposes only

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