His Wife Wants To Go On A $5,000 Birthday Trip To Ride Horses Through Yellowstone All By Herself, And He’s Hurt She Doesn’t Want To Include Him

Petro - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Recently, this 40-year-old man and his wife, 38, were discussing her 40th birthday, which is approaching in a little more than a year.

His wife is a stay-at-home mom of their two children, and she also works on a hobby farm that they share with her parents.

He and his wife also have some horses because his wife has an interest in them. While she is the main person taking care of them, he assists in maintaining the fields for the horses.

His wife’s birthday is in the middle of the winter, and throughout his relationship with her, she’s always enjoyed celebrating with a vacation somewhere warmer. Over the years, they’ve gone on trips without their children to southern states, as well as to the Caribbean.

“I thought maybe we could go somewhere warm and nice for her 40th, a place like Belize,” he explained.

“I brought this up during a meal, and she immediately replied with, ‘I already have a plan in mind,’ and showed me a picture of a horseback ride through the Yellowstone/Montana region.”

“My immediate response was, ‘Do I need to learn how to ride?’ and she replied with something to the effect of, ‘It’s $5,000. It’s really expensive. I was just going to go myself.’ (My wife insists this is not what she said, but in any texts we have, I don’t see her rephrasing this statement).”

The idea of his wife wanting to take an extremely costly trip for her birthday by herself was upsetting and hurtful.

“My first thought was she didn’t want me involved, and it didn’t seem fair to me. It didn’t seem fair to me as I’m the primary provider (she does bring in some money), and I took on a stressful job so we could live comfortably. It also really bothered me because all I got for my 40th was a Blackstone griddle,” he shared.

Petro – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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