How To Tell If A Handbag Is The Real Deal, Or As Fake As Your Ex

yu_photo - illustrative purposes only

Let’s face it: no one wants to be fooled– Not by a past relationship, and certainly not by a handbag that promises authenticity but delivers straight-up imitation.

It’s just a fashion (and bank account) fiasco waiting to happen.

So, before you decide to drop a bunch of money on a brand-new bag, here’s how you can figure out if you’re holding the real deal or just a faux pas.

Examine The Material

Genuine handbags are designed with top-notch materials and feature gorgeous stitching and true craftsmanship. They tend to just have weight and touch to them that genuinely feels “rich.”

Imitation bags, on the other hand, might look good from afar. But after you get a bit closer, it’s much easier to spot the shoddy craftsmanship and sub-par material.

It’s easy to get blinded by charm and charisma in a relationship, but don’t forget to take a closer look before you even consider adding a new handbag to your repertoire.

Inspect The Logo

An authentic brand logo is usually a work of art (or at least accurate). If you are buying a legitimate designer purse, then everything– from the brand’s logo typeface to the placement– should be flawless.

yu_photo – illustrative purposes only

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