If You’re A Fan of Keeping Up With Today’s Latest Skincare Trends, You May Have Heard That People Are Putting Retinol On Their Feet

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If you’re a fan of keeping up with today’s latest skincare trends, you’ve most likely heard of retinol.

Retinol is a form of vitamin A that has many benefits for your skin. It increases skin cell production, helps unclog pores, and increases collagen production.

As people have been finding new ways to use retinol for areas other than the skin on their faces, there’s a spot where you should be putting retinol that you may not be thinking of.

You should try using retinol on your feet!

Yes, it might sound strange to put a product you usually put on your face on your feet. But if you struggle with scaly, dead skin on your feet, it could be incredibly helpful.

Because retinol increases skill cell production, it will help shed the dead skin off your feet, leaving softer, plumper skin behind.

Now that people are realizing how helpful retinol is on your feet, there are all sorts of body lotions and creams with retinol being advertised, making you think you have to buy two separate products, one for your face and one for the rest of your body.

But honestly, retinol is retinol. So if there’s a retinol product you’ve been using on your face and loving, you can apply that same product to your feet.

Here’s how to apply it. Begin by making sure your feet are clean and dry. Then, grab a pump of your favorite retinol skincare product and apply it to the soles of your feet.

ID 107875604 – © Aekkasit Rakrodjit – – illustrative purposes only

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