If You’re Not Exactly A Lettuce Fan, This Recipe For Candy Salad Might Change How You Feel About Salads

alesmunt - illustrative purposes only

In recent months, you might’ve noticed that your For You page on TikTok has been flooded with a trend called “candy salad.”

If you have a sweet tooth, this sugary delicacy is right up your alley and will fulfill all your childhood dreams.

Not a fan of salad? Let’s just say that your mind will be changed after trying this type of salad. It’s a necessity for road trips, cookouts, movie nights, or any other occasion you can think of.

TikToker Kayla Argyle (@_kaylaargyle_) is just one of many creators showcasing her version of candy salad in a viral video that has gained nearly five million views.

It can be hard to pick just one candy to eat. With candy salad, you get to enjoy multiple options.

There are several different candy combinations out there that even include chocolate, but Kayla follows the formula of the most common candy salad recipe by adding lots and lots of chewy, fruity candies.

First, she cut open two bags of sour gummy worms and dumped the contents into a large salad bowl.

Next up were two bags of peach rings and two bags of gummy bears, followed by one package of Sour Patch strawberries.

Then, she cut up some sour candy strips into bite-sized pieces so they could be easily scooped or grabbed.

alesmunt – illustrative purposes only

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