If You’re Planning On Creating A Terrarium, Here Are A Couple of Plants That Are Sure To Thrive In There

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If you’re searching for a new gardening project, might I suggest growing a terrarium? Terrariums make a delightful addition of greenery to your home. They make it easy to nurture plants while allowing you to showcase your passions.

With a terrarium, you can sprinkle a bit of your personality into the design. Pick out a glass container with a design that really speaks to you. If you love the beach, make it beach-themed by adding shells.

Given that they receive the proper doses of sunshine and water, your mini-ecosystem can live for years! Whether you’re gunning for an open or closed terrarium, these plants will thrive either way.

Nerve Plant

Known for their striking colors, nerve plants are ideal for terrariums and easy to care for. They like bright, indirect sunlight and moist soil.

They also have a flair for the dramatic. When a nerve plant needs more water, it will call for your attention by shriveling up. Once it’s had a drink, it’ll bounce back to life.

Air Plant

Air plants don’t even need soil to stay alive. They gather their nutrients from the air, hence its name. They are incredibly low-maintenance–just make sure your air plant gets good airflow and is misted a few times per week.

Lemon Button Fern

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