Mouth Taping At Night: Is It Just A Quirky Trend Or A Real Sleep Solution?

Believe it or not, taping your mouth can also lead to enhanced athletic performance. Some athletes swear by mouth taping to train their bodies to breathe through the nose, optimizing oxygen uptake.

How To Do It Safely

If you’ve been convinced to give this latest trend a try, make sure you are participating safely.

There are specific mouth tapes already on the market that are designed for this very purpose. Using these special tapes, as opposed to regular tape, is essential since regular tape can irritate the skin and may be too strong.

You can also always seek guidance from a healthcare professional if you have any concerns.

Mouth taping might seem outlandish at first glance, but it’s rooted in a genuine desire to optimize the natural process of breathing. It’s not for everyone, and like anything related to health, individual results may vary.

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