On The Worst Date of His Life, A Girl Sent Him On A Wild Goose Chase After Pretending She Was In Trouble And In Need of Help

However, his phone continued ringing throughout the night. He kept silencing the calls, but they wouldn’t stop coming. Suddenly, she started video-calling him. Once again, he ignored her call. But when she called him a second time, he finally answered.

She was in a panic, claiming that someone was after her and that gunshots were going off. Coy thought that she had probably gotten intoxicated and needed some help.

So he decided to try and find her. She couldn’t tell him exactly where she was, but she did give him the name of a street. The street was seven to eight miles long, which meant he had to drive up and down it until he spotted her.

As he was driving, she would call him back, freak out, and hang up before he could get a word in. After a while, she told him she was on a street corner across from a restaurant. He found it odd that she suddenly gained the ability to name her precise location.

While walking around the area, searching for her, he encountered a security guard who also seemed to be looking for someone. Coy explained the description of the girl he was looking for, and the security guard confirmed they were trying to find the same person.

After five minutes of searching, the security guard pointed to a girl huddled in a doorway, wearing a mini skirt and shaking uncontrollably. Coy approached her and gently asked her if she was okay, trying to be of a comforting presence.

The girl stared him straight in the eye and stated that she would always be able to mess with him more than he could ever mess with her. Then, she stood up and walked away as if nothing had happened.


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