She And Her Friends Caught Two Teachers Having An Affair When She Was In High School

They began to put two and two together but didn’t want to assume anything. However, they observed the two teachers displaying shady behavior throughout the week.

He would often wait for her outside her classroom so they could walk to lunch together, and she would wait for him at the end of the day so they could walk to their cars together.

And they would always be whispering and giggling with one another. At every assembly, they could be found standing next to each other.

The TikToker and her friends were on the girls’ basketball team and stayed after school for practice. By the time practice was over, the main gates of the school would be closed, so they had to walk through the private parking lot in order to get home.

The lot was usually empty, but on this one particular day, two cars were still present. Also, the gates of the private lot were closed for some reason, so they went back to the main entrance to ask the security guard to open it.

However, the security guard told them he could not open it because he didn’t have the passcode–only the teachers did. He suggested they ask the two teachers who were still in the building.

The girls headed upstairs to find the teachers. They assumed one of the science teachers was there because they typically stayed behind to clean up after a science experiment. But the science classrooms were empty.

They decided to check all the classrooms so they wouldn’t miss anyone. As they walked toward one classroom, they saw the lights were on and heard muffled noises.

When they looked through the door’s panel, they spotted a shirtless Mr. Smith on top of Jane. They gasped in disbelief and immediately took off running. Five to ten minutes later, the two teachers came outside, and both were absolutely embarrassed.

The next day, the TikToker and her friends spoke to Mr. Smith privately about what they had witnessed. They advised him to stop seeing Jane because she was married and he deserved better.

Believe it or not, he ended up confronting her about where she saw their relationship going. He found out that Jane never intended to break up with her partner and just wanted to let off some steam.

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