She And Her Husband Threw A Surprise Wedding, But Both of Their Moms Are So Upset With Them For Choosing To Tie The Knot In This Way

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In February, this 33-year-old woman’s father tragically passed away at 66. With grief, it’s understandable for a family to be in shock, and losing someone is a huge and difficult adjustment to go through.

A month later, her now-husband, 35, proposed to her on her birthday. Prior to this, he had already talked to her parents about his plans to propose.

Since she doesn’t like huge parties, she and her now-husband decided to have a small engagement dinner at a fancy hotel so that everyone could get dressed up and celebrate.

“The more we planned and the more we talked about it, we thought it would be fun to just get married. We have been together for 10 years. Neither of us wanted a big wedding, so we thought a small surprise wedding would suit us. Especially with my dad passing away, I didn’t want a traditional big white wedding,” she explained.

She and her now-husband invited 10 people total. They invited her mom, sister, and her sister’s partner, his parents, brother, his brother’s partner, their daughter, and their two best friends who were in a relationship.

“All goes to plan; everyone arrives, and they are escorted into our reserved room where they see a sign saying, ‘Welcome to the wedding of Husband and OP.’ Everyone is surprised. Our officiant gets people in places. My husband and I walk in together. We get married. Both our moms sign the marriage certificate. We go out for our sit-down meal,” she shared.

In reaction to the surprise, all their guests appeared to be happy, and many of them laughed and said that they should have seen this coming. She and her now-husband had hired a photographer to capture the guests’ reactions, the ceremony, and some posed photos afterward.

However, they soon learned that their wedding guests weren’t as happy as they’d seemed to be.

“We went away locally for a small honeymoon. When we got back, both my mom and his mom pulled us aside separately to say they were disappointed in us, that we had taken away their opportunity to be with us when we chose a venue and did wedding planning stuff,” she said.

AlexGukalovUkraine – – illustrative purposes only

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