She Asked Her Boyfriend To Stop Talking To His Attractive Female Friend Since It Makes Her Uneasy

Tsyb Oleh - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 20-year-old woman has been dating her boyfriend, 24, for the last five months.

She met her boyfriend at her college, and they both have an intense love and appreciation for music. So far, she’s been grateful for their deep and emotional connection.

“When we first started dating, I noticed that he had a close relationship with this pretty attractive girl. We actually used to live in the same apartment building. He told me that they are just good friends, and she actually is his supervisor at his job,” she said.

Later on, her boyfriend introduced her to this friend, 21. When she first met her, she felt uneasy and intimidated because his friend was so attractive, and her boyfriend seemed to be his authentic self around her without any inhibitions.

“She wanted to seem funny by saying, ‘Oh, I’m his boss, ha, ha’ when she introduced herself, but it still gave me a bad vibe. The days go by, and everything seems fine. We actually made plans to watch the Barbie movie together, which my boyfriend, for some reason, decided to watch with his best friend first. However, my boyfriend did tell me that it was not just the two of them that watched it since, apparently, one of the girl’s friends tagged along,” she explained.

After she learned this, she was upset that he hadn’t told her that he had seen the movie with his friend first. Her boyfriend said he was sorry and that he was wrong. She still agreed to see the movie with her boyfriend like they’d planned to.

“The days go by again, and then my boyfriend disclosed that he relies on her for emotional support, as they have similar religious trauma. This made me feel uncomfortable because I felt that I was unable to provide the support myself, which makes me feel like an inadequate partner,” she shared.

During the conversation, she expressed to her boyfriend that she felt uneasy about his close friendship with this girl, and he said that he could see where she was coming from. In the following days, he started pulling away from his friend.

He responded less and less often to her text messages and then began to cancel plans to hang out with her.

Tsyb Oleh – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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