She Asked Her Super Rich Sister To Help Her Pay For Her Wedding, But She Thought That Meant That Her Sister Would Pay For Everything

omelnickiy - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 35-year-old woman’s mother married her stepfather when she was 17-years-old.

Her stepfather had a daughter from his previous marriage named Ellie, 29.

Unfortunately, she didn’t enjoy being around Ellie and didn’t develop a close connection with her after her stepfather and Ellie moved into the house.

“Ellie was super, super clingy, would always follow me around, and basically stalk me in my own home. She was your typical know-it-all, barely left the house, so basically had zero friends that weren’t online,” she said.

Years later, Ellie was able to graduate high school early, and she was accepted to a prestigious college with scholarships. She then received her Master’s degree from the same college where she received her Bachelor’s.

Ellie studied engineering, and the college she attended is well-known for its well-regarded engineering program. After she graduated, she was able to start her career by making a great salary.

“She’s been rubbing it in my face ever since she got the acceptance letter. When she was home, she was always wearing the university hoodie, always talking about what she was doing at college, and sending videos of robots and stuff into the family group chat. Now that she’s earning so much, she’s paying off our parents’ car loans for Christmas or getting extravagant gifts for everyone. We’ve had a few fights about it, but we always made up,” she explained.

This past February, she and her fiancé, 32, got engaged.

“I asked my sister if she would pitch in, and she said she would help out. Knowing she had the money, I got to plan my dream wedding. I was so excited about planning our big day. That was all until I showed her the plans, and she pulled the rug from beneath my feet,” she shared.

omelnickiy – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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