She Called Out Her Friend For Acting Too Friendly With Her Boyfriend But Isn’t Sure If She’s Reading Too Much Into The Situation

artmim - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 29-year-old woman has known her best friend, who is 31, for about two years. She’s also been dating her 28-year-old boyfriend for approximately seven months.

But, over the past couple of months, she thinks her best friend has been sending strange vibes toward her boyfriend.

“I think my friend’s either attracted to him, or she’s lonely and craving a connection with a good man, thus trying to fulfill that need occasionally by seeking my man’s attention in odd, ‘innocent’ ways,” she revealed.

Now, she claims to love her boyfriend more than anything, and she even feels like this is the best relationship she’s ever been in. That’s why he finally moved in with her just a few days ago.

Over the course of their relationship, she and her boyfriend have only hung out with her best friend a handful of times.

It’s happened, just not frequently– mainly because her friend has been traveling a ton this year and is rarely in town.

So, the three of them recently made plans to meet up, and they started discussing the plan in a group chat.

However, on the day of the hang-out, she and her boyfriend wound up having to cancel. They were just exhausted from running around and moving in the day before.

Then, the next day, she was hanging out with her boyfriend when her best friend randomly sent him a text. She was sitting right next to her boyfriend, and he immediately told her about the message and even showed it to her.

artmim – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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