She Considers Her Son’s Ex-Girlfriend To Be Her Daughter And She Invites Her To Everything, But Her Son’s Wife Just Told Her To Stop Since It Makes Her Uncomfortable

“We don’t have much in common, and they live two hours away, so it’s hard to plan stuff to get to know her more. Really, I’m sure it will grow in time.”

Recently, she and her husband hosted a family picnic, and the entire family was invited, so Sabrina was there, as usual. She had her fiancé with her, and he also tries to attend most of their family events.

She had thought the gathering was a success until Bethany approached her at the end of it. Bethany came to her and told her she was uncomfortable with seeing her husband’s ex-girlfriend everywhere and asked that she no longer invite Sabrina to family gatherings.

“I told her no, that Sabrina is part of the family and has been part of the family longer than she has,” she recalled.

She told Bethany that if there were a more valid reason to stop inviting Sabrina, like if she was rude to people, she’d do it. But Sabrina’s been a great guest, so she doesn’t want to stop having her around.

Bethany eventually walked away. Then, she got a call from her son later in the evening telling her she was wrong for siding with Sabrina over her “real family.”

Should she consider leaving Sabrina out of family events or keep her around?

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