She Constantly Pays For Everything For Her Friend, And She Isn’t Sure How To Set More Boundaries In Their Relationship

ID 130788423 - © Lopolo - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 27-year-old woman has a friend who is 31. But, she doesn’t feel like their relationship is equal because she constantly pays for everything whenever she’s with her friend.

First of all, her friend doesn’t have a car or drive. So, whenever they hang out, she is forced to pick up her friend– who lives 20 minutes away– and drive them both wherever they are going.

Then, she always has to drop her friend off before she finally gets to go home herself.

“Usually, I don’t care if I have to pick her up. No issues there,” she clarified.

“But it’s when we plan longer, out-of-city trips.”

They have gone on two “major” trips together, with their first trip last year being 7 hours round-trip.

During that vacation, they stayed in a different state, and thankfully, parking fees were included in their hotel stay.

Nonetheless, her friend did not give her any gas money throughout the entire vacation– even though she mentioned how it would be nice if her friend helped out. After all, she has her own place and animals to pay for.

Then, this year, they decided to go out of town for the weekend on a five-hour trip. This time, parking was not included in their room fees.

ID 130788423 – © Lopolo – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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