She Doesn’t Want Her Boyfriend’s Grandma To Come Stay With Them, Because She Loves Snooping Through Their Stuff

VadimGuzhva - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

A year ago, this woman and her boyfriend converted one of their spare bedrooms into a guest bedroom in their house.

On both sides of their families, they have family members who are unkind and don’t respect others, and they’ve agreed that these specific family members wouldn’t be allowed to stay in their guest room.

Their rule is so set in stone that they won’t even let these family members, like her boyfriend’s grandmother, stay in the guest room for one night.

His grandmother is included in this category because she judges others harshly, isn’t a nice person, wants things to be “‘her way or the highway,'” and even gets mad at people for inane things like choosing to sleep in or take a nap.

“We might have been able to see past those things, but the biggest issue is that she’s a snoop,” she shared.

“All her kids live in different states, and when she stays at one of their places, she’ll dig through their stuff to get ‘dirt’ on them and tell the rest of the family. Then she’ll give some bogus excuse for why she was going through people’s stuff in the first place.”

On one occasion, his grandmother got mad at her granddaughter for having a spicy object in her underwear drawer, even though her granddaughter is a grown woman.

When his grandmother was questioned about how she found it, she claimed that she was looking for the TV remote, which obviously appears to be a lie considering which drawer she had been searching through at the time.

Rightfully so, she and her boyfriend don’t want his grandmother staying in their guest room and running the risk of her looking through their stuff.

VadimGuzhva – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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