She Doesn’t Want Her Little Sister At Her Wedding Reception, But Her Dad Threatened Not To Go At All If Her Sister Isn’t There

nataliakabliuk - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 24-year-old woman and her fiancé, who is 23, will be tying the knot in December in their home state of Tennessee.

While they decided that they wanted to have a child-free reception, they also opted to allow the kids in their family to attend the ceremony. After all, they think that’s the most important part of their wedding day.

However, all of their family members will be traveling to attend the event. And there are three kids in her family– her 17-year-old cousin, her 11-year-old cousin, and her little sister, who is 10.

She and her fiancé know that her teenage cousin will just try to sneak drinks at their reception, which will create problems. And since their friends are all around their age and big partiers, they really don’t want kids there.

“We also know that my 17-year-old cousin would be willing to be the childcare during the reception if we pay her,” she added.

But she’s been experiencing anxiety about having a child-free wedding and telling her family. This past weekend, she even had a massive panic attack over the situation.

At the time, her family had been visiting, too, so her dad went to her home to comfort him.

“I told him, in what I thought was confidence, about what we had decided, and that was why my anxiety was so high,” she recalled.

“I’ve been worried about telling my family and how they will feel.”

nataliakabliuk – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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