She Doesn’t Want To Give Her Now Ex-Fiancé The Engagement Ring He Spent More Than $40,000 On

Natasha - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 22-year-old girl and her 32-year-old fiancé were engaged, but then she found out recently that he has been cheating on her.

Several different people actually informed her that her fiancé was not being loyal to her, and even after she confronted him about it, he kept denying it all the way.

She no longer believes her fiancé, and she’s ending their relationship over all of this.

“I have been financially responsible for the both of us for the past 9 months as he has had no job, paying for his house repayments, rent, food, courses for him to complete to get a job, flights, and everything in between,” she explained.

“He is asking for the ring (worth a lot) back, but honestly, I don’t think he deserves it after everything that’s happened.”

She actually did take her engagement ring off and threw it, but then she picked it back up, thinking it could come in handy.

Her fiancé spent more than $40,000 on the engagement ring that he bought for her, and he bought it back before he spent all of his money, which he burned completely through about 9 months back.

As for where he got that kind of cash in the first place, she says that he had an asset he sold for a considerable amount, but then he spent that money pretty wildly.

He proposed to her a year and a half ago, 2 days after she celebrated her birthday, and he said that was also her birthday gift since the ring had cost so much.

Natasha – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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