She Doesn’t Want To Give Her Sister Her Baby’s Bassinet, And Her Sister Said It’s Not Fair Since She Has Enough Money To Go Buy Another One

ID 57824749 - © Famveldman - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

This woman, 28, has a 15-month-old daughter. A few months ago, her daughter no longer needed to sleep in a bassinet.

A few weeks ago, she found out that she was pregnant. Her husband works as a surgeon, and she had previously had a job at a bank.

However, she recently started working remotely, and she saw a decrease in her income. Despite this, she and her husband are still financially comfortable.

Her 23-year-old sister, Rachel, is currently six months pregnant, and this is her first child.

“She is going to be a single mother. She is struggling a bit, and she works as a receptionist, only part-time. She has our family’s support,” she said.

A while ago, Rachel asked her if she could have her bassinet since she wasn’t currently using it.

“I said no, and that I was saving it for this baby, so I didn’t have to go out and buy a new one,” she shared.

“She said that wasn’t fair because I had enough money to just go out and buy a new one and that she didn’t. I said she should have thought about that before getting pregnant.”

Then, Rachel told her that she was treating her unfairly and that she should allow her to have the bassinet because it would be one less thing that she would have to worry about purchasing.

ID 57824749 – © Famveldman – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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