She Doesn’t Want To Share Her Inheritance With Her Older Sister, Since She Slept With Her Fiancé

When she moved back, she returned to having minimal contact with her parents so her dad could visit with her grandfather. Sadly, her grandfather died a few months ago, leaving her devastated.

But recently, she discovered that her grandfather had her in mind before he passed away. 

“It turns out that my grandfather left me virtually everything,” she said. “He left enough for my father to cover a debt and some token stuff for a couple of other relatives, but he wrote a letter for everyone and did a videotape with his attorney explaining what his intentions were.”

“I knew that he had done well for himself, but he lived a pretty simple lifestyle, so I didn’t realize how much money and assets he really had.”

Although she has a great career of her own and makes more than her parents already, this money from her grandfather would mean she’d be set for life.

Once her parents heard about the inheritance, they became upset and told her she should “do the right thing” by splitting her grandfather’s money equally with them and her sister.

“Their argument is that I don’t need it,” she added. “I make more than both of them combined, and this would allow them to retire. My sister is not doing great and can’t hold a job, so this would ensure she has something for when my parents pass. I don’t want to. My grandfather’s wishes were crystal clear.”

While she doesn’t want her family to suffer, she also doesn’t want to dump a bunch of money into their laps after everything they’ve put her through.

How should she handle this situation with her family?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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