She Donated Bone Marrow To Her Stepson, So Her Husband’s Ex-Wife Suddenly Wants To Be Friends With Her After Hating Her For Years

Anyway, ever since she donated bone marrow, her stepson has been in remission as of this year. He’s also begun living life like a normal 13-year-old kid, which is incredible.

At the same time, Lacey has actually started to warm up to her. After all, she seriously helped out Jacob, who is reportedly Lacey’s favorite son. While her husband’s ex has seemingly tried to extend an olive branch, she isn’t that thrilled about it. Whenever Lacey randomly sends her flowers or asks her how she is doing, she just finds it bizarre.

She even admitted that, honestly, she doesn’t ever want to be friends with her husband’s ex.

“The damage has been done between us, and my life is peaceful without her. I’d do what I did a million more times if I had to. No need to shower me with accolades; just leave me alone,” she explained.

She wound up telling Lacey that, too, but her husband’s ex just didn’t get her perspective. Instead, Lacey claimed that was the “most hurtful thing” anyone had ever told her.

Since then, her husband has also told her to apologize to his ex.

“But I refuse to apologize for setting up boundaries with someone I can’t stand,” she vented.

So now, with both her husband and Lacey upset with her, she’s been left wondering whether refusing to be friends with Lacey following the bone marrow donation makes her a real jerk or not.

Does she owe Lacey a friendship? Did she donate the bone marrow to appease Lacey or save her stepson’s life? Does she have a right to set a firm boundary between herself and her husband’s ex? What would you do in this situation?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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