She Dumped Her Boyfriend Because They Were Supposed To Get Dinner, But Then He Made Her Wait For 30 Minutes While He Chit-Chatted With His Friend

He also pointed out that he has waited around for her other times when she was taking too long to get ready to go somewhere, but she just said it’s not the same thing.

Yesterday, they got into another disagreement, and she mentioned that he forgets she exists whenever anyone else is around them.

Her boyfriend tried to claim she has an issue with him having friends, but it’s not that at all. She just wishes that her boyfriend made her more of a priority.

“We got into a heated argument, and I broke up with him even though he didn’t want to, he texted me that it was very illogical of me to be breaking up over such a small thing,” she said.

“I blocked him after that, but he has kept trying to call me all day.”

She’s left wondering if she should try to talk to him more about this or even get back together with him.

What do you think?

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