She Gave Concert Tickets To Her Soon-To-Be-Stepdaughter Instead Of Her Niece, And Her Brother Thinks She’s Mean For Doing This

alexshutter95 - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman was recently trying to figure out what to get her future stepdaughter, Jess, for her birthday.

She and Jess don’t have a close relationship yet, but she wanted to buy her a nice gift so that she could make a good impression.

When she was asking her fiancé for advice, he showed her Jess’s birthday wish list.

One of the ideas she listed was tickets to see her favorite musician, and when she saw that, her fiancé said that Jess always included at least one extravagant or expensive gift as a joke.

“The thing is, I sometimes get tickets through work. I happened to have tickets to this concert. I will admit that I had planned on giving them to my niece, April, as I knew she wanted to go to this concert. However, I had not told her about them yet, and her birthday isn’t anytime soon, anyway,” she explained.

After getting the okay from her fiancé and Jess’s mom, she gave Jess the concert tickets as her birthday gift. Jess was thrilled, and it was a huge surprise for her because she didn’t think anyone would have been able to get her the tickets.

“April has since found out about me giving Jess the tickets to this concert. The two girls are not friends, but they have friends in common (which I didn’t know about) who told her. She’s mad at me for giving Jess the tickets and not her,” she shared.

Apparently, April feels that, based on a previous conversation, she deserved the concert tickets more than Jess.

“I do remember that conversation. We had all been around and were talking about the ticket perk of my job, as I had just given my brother some tickets to some other show,” she continued.

alexshutter95 – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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