She Got Accused Of Being Selfish For Planning Her Wedding Three Months After Her Sister-In-Law’s Nuptials

Mironifamily - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman is currently engaged to her fiancé, and together, they have begun planning their wedding.

But her sister-in-law just so happens to be engaged, too. So, after she and her fiancé began looking at wedding dates three months after her sister-in-law’s ceremony, her sister-in-law was actually furious.

Apparently, her sister-in-law thinks that she and her fiancé should not even be getting married within the same year. She even got accused of being selfish.

Yet, according to her, the two weddings could not be more different than each other. First of all, her sister-in-law’s wedding will be taking place in her sister-in-law’s hometown.

“Where my sister-in-law still lives,” she added. “And ours is in another state, where we live.”

On top of that, her fiancé’s family will not be traveling long distances to attend her sister-in-law’s wedding. She also doesn’t share really any mutual friends with her sister-in-law.

So, aside from her fiancé’s family members and maybe four of his closest friends, her wedding guest list will not overlap much with her sister-in-law’s big day.

Not to mention, the styles of weddings are going to be extremely different. While her sister-in-law plans to have a traditional wedding at a luxury hotel ballroom, she and her fiancé are looking to have a more unique event.

“We’re looking at renting an outdoor concert venue in town for a music festival vibe,” she revealed.

Mironifamily – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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