She Had To Be Brutally Honest With Her Friend, Who’s Heavier Than Her And Constantly Pressuring Her To Eat More Food Than She Can

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Sometimes, it can be really hard to express how you feel when someone you love is pressuring you to do something. 

One woman recently had to be brutally honest with her friend, who’s heavier than her and constantly pressuring her to eat more food than she can.

She’s 33 and has a childhood best friend who’s 31. They are extremely close, and she considers her to be one of the most important people in her life.

Over the years, as they’ve grown up, they’ve gotten along wonderfully. Well, except for one thing that’s really been bothering her lately.

She’s tall and naturally slim, while her best friend has the opposite body type. She’s shorter and has always been heavy, but over the years, her friend has become obese and picked up an irritating habit.

“She has a habit of forcing food on me when she is hungry or wants a snack,” she explained.

“For example, when we hang out, she will keep filling my plate even though I tell her that I am full. She will keep opening snacks and then telling me to ‘take some’ repeatedly. She will fill me a glass of soda when I clearly say I don’t want it.”

Her friend seems to give her and pressure her to eat extra portions of food or drinks whenever she wants them, almost to ensure they’re on an equal playing field when it comes to eating. She figured her friend does this in order not to feel alone while she’s eating. It’s slowly been getting worse over the last 25 years, and she never said anything about how uncomfortable it makes her. That is, until now.

The other night, she was over at her friend’s house for a few hours to chill and have some wine. While there, her friend kept commenting about how slowly she was drinking, as by the time she finished one glass of wine, her friend had already finished three. Her friend also pointed out that she hadn’t eaten anything, as there were some snack foods laid out.

ID 45667730 – © Driftinglight – – illustrative purposes only

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