She Invited A Struggling Family To Live With Her, But After They Made Nasty Comments About Her Grandchild Not Being “Special Enough” To Warrant An Elaborate 1st Birthday Bash, And Expected Her To Throw Their Child A Party Too, She Kicked Them Out

Serhii - - illustrative purposes only

This woman and her husband have 4 children, and 3 of them are adults who are living on their own. They only have one child left living with them, so they are close to being “empty nesters.”

Now, her oldest child has had a difficult journey getting pregnant over the course of the last 4 years. When her oldest finally had a pregnancy that seemed to be certain, their entire family was thrilled.

Since they still all wanted to be careful, they chose to forgo a baby shower. When the baby arrived, they really limited interactions with the baby, knowing they would throw an enormous 1st birthday for the baby to fully celebrate.

So, for the last year, everyone in their family has been gearing up for the incredible birthday bash.

“A couple of months back, a family in our community was struggling, they needed a place to stay for a while, and since we’re basically empty nesters, we decided to let them stay with us, only thing they are in charge of is their own food,” she explained.

“Our grandchild’s first birthday party was 2 weeks ago we hosted it at our house since we have a lot of space and a big backyard.”

“They were welcome to join in but chose to stay in the rooms most of the days. Sometime during the party, my youngest overheard them complain, saying that we were doing too much for a first birthday, saying it’s just a first birthday, it’s not a big deal, and basically saying the baby “wasn’t special enough” for us to be doing all that.”

Well, last weekend, this family celebrated a birthday for one of their own kids. She and her husband generously purchased a birthday present for the child.

The family actually asked them if they were planning on throwing the kid a party, and the mom even said she expected a party.

Serhii – – illustrative purposes only

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