She Made A Noise Complaint About A Lively Young Couple In The Hotel Room Next Door Because They Kept Getting It On While Her Husband Refused To Be Romantic With Her

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This 38-year-old woman has been with her husband, who is 41, for 14 years, and they just took their first vacation ever without their kids.

They traveled to Europe, and one of the reasons why they decided to go on vacation in the first place was to “rekindle” their relationship.

So, she and her husband set off for a two-week stay at a breathtaking five-star resort, and they are currently on day nine.

But, to her dismay, she and her husband have only been physical once throughout their entire trip. Not to mention, when they were, they were both drunk, and it felt a bit forced.

“We get on great as people, but our [physical relationship] has been an issue ever since we had children,” she said.

Things have only gotten worse over the past year, too, since she gained over 100 pounds since the pandemic, and her husband admitted to “loving her but not finding her attractive anymore.”

This was obviously really upsetting to hear, and now, they are staying at an incredible hotel but reaping none of the benefits.

From the moment they arrived, she claimed that her husband found problems with practically everything– from the hotel staff and food to other guests.

To make matters worse, a young British couple checked into the room right next door just five days ago. Apparently, the couple is extremely attractive, and she wouldn’t even be shocked if she found out they were Instagram models.

SeanPavonePhoto – illustrative purposes only

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