She Made A Nurse Cry After This Woman Was Rude To Her Family While Her Dad Was In The Emergency Room

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When you’re in the hospital, having a kind nurse can make the entire experience so much better. Granted, nurses are extremely hard workers who often get exhausted at work, so they’re not always in a cheery mood.

One woman had an outburst with a nurse who was rude to her family while her dad was in the emergency room, causing the nurse to cry.

She is the caretaker of both her parents but mostly has to worry about her dad, who has had many health issues in the past.

“He’s had a stroke, quintuple bypass, aortic valve replacement, Pacemaker, and has end-stage COPD, for which he’s in the hospital often,” she explained.

“The man has nine lives. Recently, he went into the ER because his Pacemaker was beeping. It was the first time it had beeped, so it freaked him out, especially since he’s had it less than a year.”

To ease the tension and keep her mom happy, her dad often likes to make his hospital visits as lighthearted as possible and jokes around with the hospital staff. However, during this visit, he was being looked after by a nurse who simply wasn’t having it.

It all began when they found out the hospital staff needed to use a machine that would run a diagnostics test on her dad’s Pacemaker.

The nurse asked for the specific model her dad had, and her mom began rummaging through her purse for a little card that had all the details on it. The nurse had a rotten attitude and began sighing as her mom searched, causing her mom to panic.

Eventually, her mom found the card, and the nurse ran the diagnostics test.

ajr_images – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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