She Never Realized That Her Friend’s Cat Passed Away On Her Watch, And Her Friend Is Devastated - illustrative purposes only, not the actual cat

For a few months, this woman and her friend have been watching each other’s pets when needed. She has a dog, while her friend and her friend’s husband have three dogs and three cats.

Understandably, she and her friend both know how expensive boarding their pets or hiring a pet sitter can be.

So, watching each other’s pets instead of paying a lot of money to have professionals do so has worked out well.

“When I have to leave to go somewhere for work or travel for multiple days, my dog goes to their house rather than being boarded. When they need me to watch their animals, I stop by two to three times a day to feed and take care of their animals (I can’t have four dogs at my house, so this is easiest for me),” she said.

She and her friend have done this multiple times already, so the pet-sitting has become a routine.

“Her requirements when I take care of them are to 1. Let the dogs out; 2. Feed the dogs every day; 3. Keep the cat food and water full. Not much to it. The cats are cats. Not a whole lot of activity or care to be done. I will give them scratches or pets and be on my way,” she explained.

Three months ago, she watched her friend’s pets. When her friend and her friend’s husband got home, her friend called, with her husband also on the phone, and said that she and her husband found that her orange cat had died and was near the stairs on the second floor of the house.

They were understandably devastated, but they started to blame her, asking her why she hadn’t gone upstairs at all to look for the cat when she’d stopped over at their house while pet-sitting.

“I explained to them that the cats (including that one) do not always appear while I am there. And, I do not go upstairs in their house (there is no reason for me to). I expressed my apologies and was extremely sensitive to what occurred,” she shared. – illustrative purposes only, not the actual cat

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