She Ordered A Custom Wedding Dress, Hoping Everything Would Be Perfect, But When She Tried It On, It Didn’t Cover Her Chest At All

highwaystarz - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

While picking out a wedding dress is a magical and special moment, it can also be incredibly stressful. Then, when you finally pick out your dress, you have to stress and worry about how it will fit with sizing and any potential alterations before your big day.

One of the two TikTok content creators that make up the lifestyle account @sweatandtell, Jo, has recently shared her nightmarish experience when trying to make sure her wedding gown was perfect for her special day.

Before her wedding, Jo ordered a wedding gown that was customized to fit her exact measurements.

After ordering it, her dress arrived for the official fitting later than she had expected. But she figured she had nothing to worry about because the dressmakers had her exact measurements, and it was still there before her wedding date.

“I’m driving up from L.A. to Orange County sitting in two hours of rush hour traffic, but I’m so stoked to see the dress and really excited to try it on,” recalls Jo.

Jo tried on her beautiful gown, and it fit perfectly. She was so excited standing still and looking at her dress, but then she started walking around, and things went horribly wrong.

As Jo was walking in her wedding dress, she suddenly felt a breeze across her chest. Then, she looked down and realized her bust was totally exposed.

Jo immediately started panicking, thinking it would cost her a ton of money to add extra fabric to her dress and fix it before her wedding.

Jo’s gown came with cups in the bust of the dress, and she ordered a dress with C cups. While at the failed fitting, she decided to try on the floor model of the dress, which she had tried on before ordering it with her sizing.

highwaystarz – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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